A new year resolution

Another year has gone by! It does seem that the older one gets, the quicker they pass. I am reminded, here, of the words of the Psalmist (90: 12):

Teach us to number our days aright, that we might gain wisdom of heart.

Every day is a gift, and each moment is an opportunity to grow more fully in this “wisdom of heart.” My one and only resolution for 2012 is to live these moments more fully, open to God’s loving guidance. I am also aware that a moment missed is lost forever, but this is not a total tragedy for as long as we are alive we are constantly given another moment, and another . . .

There are many obstacles to living fully in the present moment: selfishness, judgmentalism, a desire to control the outcome, comparing ourselves with others, and so forth. But even to be aware of these attitudes is a way of living fully, and we cannot re-assert our openness to God if we are unaware of our inner storm clouds. Having done so, we can then gently refocus on God’s invitation to be here now in love.

Love seems to be the key. As long as we are willing to give what is required (including simply listening or waiting) and do what needs to be done in the interest of love, we can live more fully in the moment. When this willingness to love is weakened or lost, however, we are “off to the races” with our default, fallen consciousness running the show. Lord have mercy!

May you have many moments well-lived during the coming year.

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