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Giving glory to God with our words

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

What follows is a short excerpt from  the Catechism of the Summa Theologia, which features short, concise responses to questions taken up by Thomas Aquinas in his foundational work.  This is from Chapter 13, with references to sections in the Summa.
- - -
When we speak of God, or endeavour to express our thought concerning Him, have the words we use a correct meaning?

Most certainly: for these words, although used primarily to designate the perfections in a creature, can be transferred to designate what in God corresponds to these very perfections. (XIII. 1-4)

When applied to God and to creatures, have these words the same meaning or one wholly different?

When applied to God they have the same meaning but in a superlative degree, that is when used to designate perfections in creatures in the fulness of their meaning they truly signify these perfections, or whatever is attributed to God. (XIII. 5)

Then whatever we may tell of God, and however exalted by our expressions concerning Him, for us God ever remains unutterable?

Yes; but in this life we cannot do anything more salutary, more perfect, and more noble than speak of Him and of all that concerns Him even though our thoughts fall short of Him and our speech fail. (XIII. 6-12)